Meetings / Talks

Individual Meetings / Talks

If you (and maybe other people) are interested in a talk, please get in touch with me: Contact. Talks can take place as a kind of Satsang - more about it below - or revolve around a specific subject. The length of a talk / meeting is about 1,5 hour. There is also the possibilty to have 2 or 3 talks in one day (with breaks). More than 3 or maximum 4 talks at one day seems to be not useful for me.


"Satsang" is a Sanskrit term (Sat = true / truth - Sang = coming together / company) which roughly translates as "Meeting in Truth". There, primarily, it is about essential questions and themes of life, which arise sooner or later in most people - some times directly, often however indirectly and "hidden". And simply about the being ... for no reason.

Some possible topics for talks or meetings:

  • Who / what am I really? Or: What am I not?

  • What is 'suffering' and how does it start?

  • Identifications and their pitfalls.

  • Grief - what's all this about?

  • Success - what's that and for what should it be good for?

  • Here and now - there is nothing else.

  • The absurdity of "authenticity" - the authenticity mask and the impossibility not to be authentic.

  • Depression and burnout - the big unrecognised chances.

  • The negativity of positive thinking.

  • Accepting, letting go, forgiving.

  • The wish to be free or not to be other-directed but self-determined.

  • Meditation and Awareness.

  • Non-violent communication - for example: pros and cons.

  • Pitfalls in communication (1): Do you hear what I am saying? Do you say what you are meaning?

  • Pitfalls in communication (2): Attempts in trying to describe the color red to a blind man - and other hopeless tasks.

  • Pitfalls in communication (3): Words never are what they try to describe - rather clear, but often overseen or ignored.

You are welcome to make suggestions if something is of special or current interest.

Current dates of open meetings and talks you find here: Dates.