Intuitive Healing and Massaging

A number of different attempts and approaches are connected with the concept "intuitive healing". In my case it is primarily the intuitive laying on of hands and massaging. However elements or loans from Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and the quantum healing may be used.
Basically the "area of application" for intuitive healing is not limited, however, I still simply use a plaster if I have cut myself in the finger etc. and I most probably would take up the services of a surgeon if I should break a leg. As a supporting, additional measure, intuitive healing can be also helpful in those cases. This is also valid for frequency healing and essential healing.

For people and animals

Intuitive healing is suited not only for people, but also animals. Above all dogs often respond very much to it and point, if necessary, quite clearly and directly to where they would like to be treated.