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healthy and clear communication

Talks around communication

Some possible topics for talks or meetings around communication:

  • How aspects of communication and spirituality complement each other in a magnificent way.

  • Pitfalls in communication (1): Do you hear what I am saying? Do you say what you are meaning?

  • Pitfalls at communication (2): Attempts in trying to describe the color red to a blind man - and other hopeless tasks.

  • Pitfalls at communication (3): Words never are what they try to describe - rather clear, but often overseen or ignored.

  • Improved awareness / attentiveness in Communication.

  • Non-violent communication from Marshal Rosenberg - for example: pros and cons.

  • The almost permanent inner dialogue.

  • Accepting, letting go, forgiving in communication.

  • Mediation and Communication.

  • Saying exactly and openly what comes into one's head - authenticity and sophistication in communication.

You are welcome to make suggestions if something is of special or current interest. "Open talks" around communication without a specific subject are also possible.

Length of the talks

The length of the talks is optional. But longer talks should contain breaks or be split up.

Process of the talks

The process of the talk is not determined, so as to give room for what comes up around the, eventually, given subjects. Normally, at the beginning I speak a little bit about the subject and everything else appears by itself and individually.

Single sessions

Certainly, there is the possibility for single sessions.

Current dates of open meetings and talks you can find here: Dates.